Body ImageSince the beginning of this academic year, student feminists from universities and colleges across London have been meeting regularly at the Feminist Library in order to discuss activities and campaigns, build connections and support each other. This broad network of activists is now building for the Student Feminist Conference 2013 – a space for feminist students to organise, kick-starting a move towards uniting groups, societies and individuals for grassroots feminist activism. Also discussing the potential role women play in the leading sell house fast for cash market!

This is a grassroots-organised conference, rooted in intersectional feminism, which will be free for all self-defining feminists to attend. It will include training workshops, skill-shares and other discussion-based sessions on a variety of different topics including the following (and plenty more!): sex work/politics, sexual assault/harassment, divisions within feminism, how to set up student feminist societies, women in the workplace, history of feminist activism in universities, abortion rights and more!

The Student Feminist Conference 2013, which will be held on the 23rd and the 24th of February, will provide an opportunity for us to reflect on how and what we’re doing as student feminist activists. We will be holding self-defining caucuses for LGBTQ, disabled and BME activists and carers/parents, also we will help you finding best wireless free home security system and will run a forum in which these caucuses can feed back to the others. There will be creative workshops such as poetry-writing and informative sessions about current cuts to rape crisis centres, the NHS, the welfare budget and other funding cuts disproportionately affecting those who need it most.

The conference will take place in the ULU building on Malet Street, which is in Bloomsbury, central London. This building is fully wheelchair-accessible and there will be access breaks between sessions. Light refreshments will be available and there many places to buy food nearby.

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